Worried about how your wedding photography will turn out? Read this….

Yay! The wedding ceremony is over. You’re Mr and Mrs! It’s official. The rest of the day will be wonderful, including your Candid Wedding Photography.

yone focused in the shot, and not looking elsewhere.

Listen to the photographer’s advice. Your photo session can run smoothly, quickly and with no pressure. If you follow these wedding tips, it will be a piece of cake. Wedding cake, hopefully!!


Make a list of all the variations of family  Candid Wedding Photography you would like to have and ask a friend who knows all family members to help arrange the groups for the India Wedding Photography in Delhi

PAY ATTENTION TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER, especially during the family portraits. People are very excited at this time, but if everyone follows the photographer’s lead, things will run quickly and smoothly. Nominate someone from the bridal party to help keep ever He is the professional and sees beauty in backgrounds and situations that you would not consider. Follow his lead, relax and genuinely have fun on the day..

Keep an emergency kit handy during the day. Include: hair spray, brush, comb, lip stick, foundation, mini sewing kit, safety pins, band aids, Panadol, deodorant, hand towel (for wiping sandy feet) and sunscreen.

Be careful with spray-tan: They can appear exaggeratedly colourful in photographs, especially when compared to non spray tanned skin of others in the bridal party.

A second pair of comfortable white shoes will be handy for location shots, especially if you will walk on soil or sand. Shoes are barely visible in location photos.

Make sure you’ll have enough cold or warm drinks and snacks for you and the bridal party (avoid red drinks or red sauces in case of spilling). Take straws for drinking to avoid spoiling your lipstick.

In case it rains, make sure you have enough umbrellas. Check with the car company if they are providing umbrellas. Many do.

Bring along some money to spend on drinks or coffee, if a café or bar is visited.
During winter, coats will keep you warm and happy. This is particularly important for the girls, whose lightweight dresses can be very cold outdoors.

Don’t chew gum on the day – it is not attractive and will be in the photos!

Use insect repellent during the Wedding Photography session. A fly on the face is not a good look.

If photo locations have to change suddenly, just smile and go with the flow. Don’t  worry, your photos will still be great. It is you that make the photo beautiful, more than the location.

So relax, have fun and your wedding photos will be wonderful.


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